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Kese/Exfoliating Bath Glove


The scrub, which has been in our culture for centuries, is an invariable part of the bath and shower rituals. Doing it at regular intervals has many benefits for our skin and body. It is known to be mentally good for human health, and it relieves our mental fatigue by increasing the feeling of peace. Before the scrubbing process starts, sweating should be provided with the most suitable temperature and then the scrubbing process should be started. You can apply the glove after washing thoroughly and squeezing it. Shampoo, shower gel or soap should not be used during this process. During exfoliating, you should scrub with longitudinal movements and after the process is completed, your body should be rinsed with water after soaping.



Peshtemal, which has survived from the past to the present, is a word of Persian origin. These weavings used for covering in the bath; It actually means covering fabric. Also called peshtamal. Loincloths, which have not changed for centuries in Turkish bath and spa culture, are rectangular and finely woven. They are designed seamless and can be knotted and tied in different ways. They are also divided into two as head and wrap cover…




Natural Soap


We can say that soap is as old as humanity. It first entered our lives in the 6000 BC thanks to the Phoenicians and has managed to become the main cleaning agent in every period of humanity. Although there are thousands of varieties and shapes today, it was seen as a “miracle” in the very early days. So how long has soap preserved its naturalness and benefits while evolving into thousands of types and shapes, from the time it was seen as a “miracle” to the present?



Having an important place in Turkish culture, baths are not only places for bathing, but also places where social and cultural activities take place. Realizing that washing is not only limited to getting rid of body dirt, mankind has developed special rituals for this situation, which also provides spiritual purification. Physical and spiritual purifications have shown differences in every society and have continued to evolve until today…



&nbsp The features that make the baths special and distinguish them from the ones in our homes have enabled them to be popular for centuries. The constant hotness of the baths and the high humidity they have make you relax and calm down, while at the same time it causes your skin to soften and the upper layers to peel off more easily. In addition to these, there are various elements that make this culture special. Clogs, pumice (heel) stones, towels, loincloths used to cover certain parts of the body, handcrafted scrubs, natural soaps that do not use chemicals, are frequently used in baths thanks to businesses that are sensitive to the environment and the world they live in. Tellaklar (man who makes pouches) and natırs (woman who makes pouches) ) is one of the most important figures that comes to mind when it comes to Turkish bath culture. In addition, one of the most valuable elements of bath architecture is the navel stone, which is generally used in common use, and this platform is used in many of the rituals. In summary, this unique heritage of our culture continues its existence from generation to generation with all the treasures it contains. With the value of the old and the comfort of modern touches, the world will continue to exist as an indispensable part of both tourism activities and our daily lives.
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Step 1

Step 1: Take a shower with the hottest water you can stand and soap your body. Natural soaps with olive oil are the most effective.

Step 2

Step 2: Do not use shampoo and shower gel before kese. Also, do not let the kese come into contact with soap and shampoo.

Step 3

Step 3: Start scrubbing after rinsing. Try not to apply too much pressure on the same area while scrubbing and avoid hard movements. Otherwise, you may irritate your skin.

Step 4

Step 4: When you use kese too often, the protective texture of the skin is lost and this leads to moisture loss. After moisture loss, your skin becomes dry. Therefore, it is appropriate to make a kese every ten days.


For healty


Feel Fine soaps and keses, which are offered for sale after going through a completely natural production process, are produced with traditional methods and materials that have also been used as healing for centuries. The benefits of these two products to humans are endless.
We have a selection of natural soaps available, each with its own unique benefits. Our lavender soap relieves skin problems such as acne and pimples, while our laurel soap relieves varicose areas and cures eczema, fungal and parasitic diseases. Our olive oil soaps nourish and moisturize your skin and hair naturally.
In addition to using Feel Fine soaps, you can also give yourself a healing gift by using a kese. Thanks to the kese process you will do:

-You will feel peaceful and relaxed.
-You prevent acne formation.
-You accelerate the subcutaneous blood circulation.
-You accelerate the regeneration of the skin.
-You open the pores in the skin.
-You also contribute to your immune system.
-You help to remove cellulite.

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